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    Freckle Removal and Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation by Plasmage

Freckle Removal and Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation by Plasmage

Giovedì, 10 Giugno 2021 | Written by  |
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By Dr Rasha Al-Sadoun

Al-Fayhaa Teaching Hospital, Basrah, Iraq

Received: 7 Mar 2021, Revised: 15 Mar 2021, Accepted: 16 Apr 2021, Online: 7 May 2021

Background: Freckles are typical pigmentation disorders presenting by hyperpigmentation dark – brown or light – circular brown spots on face, especially on the cheeks. Freckles should be distinguished from lentiginous. The objectives of study uses Plasmage as an option to remove freckles and enhance skin texture. Method: Clinical trial study foe 7 female patients. We have many patients with freckles treated with Plasmage, but we chose one patient for this paper. Seven females, 28 years old and married, with Fitzpatrick skin type III. She has had widespread brown spots on her face since childhood, and they are increasing over time despite regular use of sun block. Her skin has lost its shine over time. She is an engineer and works most of the time in sunny places. She is neither pregnant nor nursing. She received three sessions of Plasmage eight weeks apart. Lentigo parameter was selected. Results: there is significant difference between the results appear on face of patients, so the freckles become better after 6 months after Plasmage intervention than 2 months and 4 months after Plasmage intervention. However, no difference between 2 months and 4 months after Plasmage intervention. Conclusion: Plasmage can give promising and satisfactory results in treating benign freckles for cosmetic reason after thorough evaluation by a dermatologist

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