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AMP19 - Q&A Dr R. Hogben

Lunedì, 28 Ottobre 2019 | Written by  |

Published on Aesthetic Medical Practioner (Magazine)


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Dr Richard Hogben of Allure Laser & Skin Studio in Mackay, QLD, has been using Plasmage® in his busy
practice for the past 12 months and says it has become an integral part of his practice for a number of
different conditions.
‘I find the Plasmage® is the go-to device now, because of the minimal preparation needed, less downtime and fewer
adverse effects, plus improved patient comfort.’ Here, we speak to Dr Hogben about his experience with
the device.

Q: Aside from the eye area, what conditions are you usingit to treat most?
A: Around the eyes is extremely popular and we do see excellent results with tightening of the
loose skin, particularly under the eye. Apart from this, the Plasmage® is used extensively for
removal of skin tags, small benign lesions, for example seborrheic keratoses, cysts and even milia
which are very hard to extract. Fine perioral lip lines can also benefit from the Plasmage®.

Q: How do you find the results?
A: The results are excellent. For the benign lesions, usually only one treatment is required
and most of the time there is no hypopigmentation, scarring or any adverse effect seen. In most
cases on review you cannot see where the lesion was removed. Around the eye with
the Blefaroplasma® mode we see tightening of the loose skin in both the upper and lower eyelids and
reduction of fine lines.

Q: Which modality is your preferred? Or rather, the most requested?
A: The Plasmage® has become an integral tool in our clinic, used multiple times on a daily
basis, whether for the popular tightening around the eye with the Blefaroplasma® mode or an
‘add on’ to a consultation to remove skin tags or other benign lesions on the face or
other parts of the body. It is a very quick, straightforward procedure with minimal to no
preparation and downtime.

Q: Typically, how many treatments are required for best results in any given procedure?
A: For a majority of indications only one treatment is needed. For tightening of loose skin in
the upper and lower eyelids and reduction of fine perioral lines, the patient may benefit from two
procedures spread over three to six months.

Q: What would you say patient satisfaction is like?
A: Patient satisfaction is excellent. When removing the cysts, skin
tags and other benign lesions patients often state ‘that was so much easier than I thought
it would be. I should have done this years ago.’

Q: Is downtime and patient comfort improved?
A: I find with the removal of small lesion, no preparation is needed. Comfort is helped with
cooling only. For larger lesions, either local anaesthetic topical gel or minimal local anaesthetic
injections is all that is required. For the Blefaroplasma® we prepare our patients by getting
them to come 30 minutes before the procedure to apply local anaesthetic gel.

Q: Would you recommend other practitioners get Plasmage® for their practices?
A: I have found the Plasmage® to be an excellent and reliable tool in our practice with
reproducible results time and time again. I would recommend the Plasmage® to practitioners
as they will find it becomes an integral part of their practice, whether that be larger
procedures for the loose skin of the upper and lower eyelids or the multiple times a day
that they would like to remove benign lesions with minimal to no preparation, downtime and
adverse effects. AMP

Why Choose Plasmage ®
Smart Software: A selection of pre-set, ‘indication specifi c’ programs allow ease of use
with optimal energy supply for each procedure.
Intuitive Technology: The smart software allows the operator
to choose from 30 diff erent treatment protocols and to
manually adjust as desired.
Needle Tip: The applicator consists of an ergonomic and
lightweight handpiece, as well as various sized and shaped electrodes.
Lightweight and Portable: Weighing only 2kg, Plasmage® comes equipped with its owncarry case.

Look at the complete article in pdf

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