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Venerdì, 17 Luglio 2020 | Written by  |

who have been using Plasmage for years

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Dr Edison Parra Orofacial Aesthetics

I am doctor Edison Parra and together with doctor Nicolás Salamanca we present a new technology that we have brought to the city of Los Angeles.

It is natural that at a certain age we begin to notice sagging and drooping of the eyelids along with other characteristic signs of aging such as blemishes, scars, wrinkles and expression lines.

Plasmage is a high-tech equipment widely used in aesthetic medicine that arrives to solve these types of skin conditions and replaces more invasive surgical procedures.

We have just seen how Plasmage works in the treatment of eyelids.

And now we will see how this Works to eliminate a Fibroma.


Dr Nick Milojevic:

Hi, my name is Doctor Nick Milojevic. I am aesthetic doctor from Croatia in Zagreb and UK in London. 

I love Plasmage because for many years as an aesthetic doctor we don’t do surgery, the only procedure we can't do very much is to get rid off upper eyelid skin. We could only lift the skin with botox.

Now with a fractionated plasma technology, with a safe way, a painless way, a quick way without a scalpel, we can lift the upper eyes, we get rid off the skin, the wrinkles around the eyes, the lower eye bags. We can remove skin tags and xanthelasma around the eyes. It’s a machine which is portable so if you have more clinics, you can just take it with you in a bag. It’s a machine which produces the most amazing and natural results which is not possible with surgery. Overall, we finally have a tool where we don’t need the scalpel  even for cutting away the skin because we can pretty much melt it away, vaporate it away with the most cutting edge technology: fractionated plasma. I love Plasmage. That’s why I love Plasmage/

Dr Ioannis Metallinos:

I am Doctor Metallinos form Greece, I am a plastic surgeon.

I ike Plasmage because it is portable, easy to use and has no consumables. 

I can take it on the plane between my surgeries.

I initially bought it for patients needing blepharoplasties but were afraid of surgery. 

And I was very happy with the results.

In comparison with my CO2 treatments, I found that the results were more aesthetic pleasing than my CO2 device.

Also, I use it for the upper lips and I am very satisfied with that and I found it has a very minimal downtime. 



Dr Andjela Prolic:

Hi Everyone, I am Andjela Prolic, MD from Split Croatia.

I use Plasmage in everyday work.

Plasmage is a great solution for patients as it is non invasive with outstanding results.

I use Plasmage for different skin conditions as for stretch marks, scars, fibromas and reducing wrinkles. Non surgical eyelid lift with Plasmage is one of the most performed procedures in my clinic. Plasmage is simple and easy and I just love it.


Dr Ana Carolina Porto:

Hi Everyone, my name is Ana Carolina Porto, I am oculoplastic surgeon from Brazil. I would like to talk to you about Plasmage. 

This device: I love it! 

It’s very easy to use, portable so you can use it anywhere. It’s excellent for patients where surgery  is not an option.

Usually patients are very pleased with the results.

Thank you


Dr Luca Zattoni:

Hello Everybody, I am Dr Luca Zattoni, I am aesthetic surgeon form Milan.

I often use Plasmage for blefaroplasty and my patients are happy about it because they don’t need an operation and have a low downtime. 

I also like to use Plasmage on facial treatments such as wrinkles or scars. And I find it very good when I have to treat scars because they reduce and shrink. Overall, I am really happy about my Plasmage.


Tim Eldridge:

Hi, I am Tim Eldridge , I am a dentist with a special interest with facial aesthetics based in Cheltenham UK. 

We’ve had out Plasmage machine for over 3 years and it took just months to return on investments. 

Our most common procedures are blefaroplasma, mole and skin tags removal and reducing the bar code lines.

We normally combine with HA fillers in this area to improve this effect but now we gonna combine it with Ellanse collagen stimulating filler we can use it for biostimulation in treating acne scars and bar code removal.

At first, it’s a fantastic machine: it’s portable. The simplicity of use is great. Each member of the team is able to use it. It’s probably one of our most important tool in our every day talking.


Dr Daniela Taher:

Hi, this is Dr Daniala Taher, dermatologist based in Bucharest. 

I have been using Plasmage since 2017 with great results.

Of course the main indication is blefaroplasma for upper and lower eyelids and the wrinkles around the eyes. 

But in time, I started to use Plasmage also for the treatment of skin laxity in the neck and lower face with great results.

I love to combine Plasmage with other therapies to offer to my patients a tailor made treatment. 

My clinic is also specialized in the treatment of scars and I can tell you the potential of Plasmage in the management of scars is impressive. 

I can say the strengths of Plasmage are the design, the fractionated plasma, the different settings for different pathologies and the strong worldwide community of Plasmage users. Thank you


Dr George Kurkchian:

Hello, I am Dr George Kurkchian from Armenia. I’ve been using Plasmage for 3 years not only for blefaroplasma or lentigo but also for oral surgery. Such as gingivoplasty excision of the freckle in the tongue, mucosa leukoplakia, oral papilloma and others. 

The plus of Plasmage in surgery is the easy post operation period and the fast recovery from operation

I will be glad to share my information about oral surgery by Plasmage.


Dr Nino Gaprindashvili:

Hello, my name is Dr Nino Gaprindashvili, I am an ophthalmologist, laser surgeon and aesthetic medicine specialist. 

My relationship with Plasmage device started from 2019. We bought it in our clinic and I think it was a good decision.

Plasmage is great for non operative blepharoplasty. It gives great results with a very short period of rehabilitation.

My patients are very happy with the results. 

Also Plasmage is multifunctional: you can treat xanthelasma, fibromas and wrinkles , papillomas, fine lines,  acne scars and many many kind of diseases with finest results. 

It’s the must-have device in your clinic.


Dr Pantelis Aronis:

Hello Everybody, my name is Pantelis Aronis, dermatologist from Athens, Greece. 

I first saw Plasmage device during IMCAS Congress in Paris in 2019.

After a short time, I decided to invest in it because I got convinced by the technical superiority of Plasmage. 

With its special features and ease of use, I can eliminate pain, swelling and  general discomfort to the patients without compromising the results. 

The fractional mode was a brilliant idea by Brera. It’s definitely a unique  feature of the device.

From March 2019  and until today, I have been working with it with very satisfying results.

I have treated many patients, Eyelid treatments being the most popular one.

Patients are happy with the results and of course, I am very satisfied with them. 

Plasmage has helped me to make my practice more well known in my area and have more patients.

I can say that I have made the right decision to invest in Plasmage.
Thank you very much.


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